who is dr opin


Since 2009 DR. OPIN, a globetrotting project provides us a worldwide musical landscape with haunting mystery and intense innovation. This new and energetic cosmopolitan weaves together live played, electronicly generated and sampled elements with its Worldbeat Soul-Punk approach. Upon the feast, one can witness how World, Jazz, Swing, Funk, Dub, Reggae, Chanson, Balkan and Hip Hop joint into a sea of sound and beats waving up and down with its constant variety. As a forerunner of this brand-new musical genre, Dr. Opin never fails to impress its audiences with their breathtaking rhythms and musing lyrics. Why not just dive into this fresh new wave and dance till the morning light?!


Worldbeat / Balkan / Downbeat / Soul-Punk

Band Interests

With its new album Time Garden, the cosmopolitan Dr. Opin invites you to join an around-the-world musical tour. Starting from Balkan States, the wind of Africa-Funk will make a full sail and boat you right to Jamaica. After a break in the strict Dub echodrome, the journey continues towards Bronx, the crandleland of Hip Hop. Then, swinging with a chanson on his lips, the captain will sail across the vast ocean of sound and sails you back to Europe.